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The dull unshining surface interupted makes the Khunpaen have a classic look - like some of B.E. 2135 version Khunpaen Wat YaiChaimongkol. It's favored by professional collectors.

The extremely rare red Khunpaen Somboonsap bearing the signature of Acharn Sanit Kodchakorn, the art director for the Khunpaen creation

The Red Khunpaen " Somboonsap" in its original box

LP Chuen (B.E.2450-2546)

Dimensions:  2.5  X 4.7 cm
Clay+gaolin+holy powdet/glazed
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Extremely Rare LP Chuen
Red Glazed Khunpaen
Wat Yanasen, Ayuthaya
B.E. 2544

This is a LP Chuen Red Glazed Khunpaen "Somboonsap" B.E.2544, Wat Yanasen, Ayuthaya, with Acharn Sanit Kodchakorn's signature on the backside - it's an extremely rare item.

Archarn Sanit was the art director for the creation of Khunpaen Somboonsap. He graduated from the government's Pochang Institute of Arts and became an art instrutor for government schools for a very long years.

Red Glazed Khunpaen Somboonsap were made only 700 pieces, but bearing Acharn's Sanit signature only 100 pieces.

Khunpaen Somboonsap of all colors (yellow, green and red) are the shadow of the multi-million THB
B.E. 2135 glazed KhunPaen Phim Okyai, Wat YaiChaimonkol - which is one of the top amulets of the country.

Glazed Khunpaen Okyai were first created and blessed in B.E. 2135 by Somdej Phra Bhannarat, the Supreme Patriarch of Ayuthaya Kingdom, in the reign of King Naresuan the great (B.E. 2098-2148) to commemorate the King's elephant battle victory over the Burmese crown prince Mingyi Swa.

The old ancient glazed Khunpaens were contained in a historical site - a Chedi of Wat YaiChaimongkol, Ayuthaya.

It was not until early B.E. 2470s, the Chedi was illegally excavated for treasures and amulets, and the glazed Khunpaens were first found there.

In 2490s, the efficacies and properties of the glazed Khunpaens were repeatedly recounted and heard in among collectors. It pushed the Khunpaens gaining more popularity meanwhile its price soaring up higher than Somdej Wat Rakang at that moment.

The price of the a B.E. 2135 glazed Khunpaen of Wat YaiChaimongkol is now in multi-million THB value - by recent report it reached 6 million THB. Anyway, it's still hardly to find one due to only small number having been found.

In B.E. 2544, glazed Khunpaen Okyai were created once again by the initiation of Pol Maj General Thanee Somboonsap who wanted to make merit devoted to his mother.

For yellow color items were made 9,000 pieces, red color 700 pieces, and green color 300 pieces.
In all the three colors, only a small number beared Acharn Sanit's signature.

Lots of broken Ayuthaya amulets including Khunpaen Okyai B.E. 2135 were finely ground and mixed into Khunpaen Somboonsap mixture. And the Khunpaens were singlely blessed by LP Chuen Wat Yanasen, a top famous monk master of Ayuthaya.

The specifical name of the B.E. 2544 glazed KhunPaen is "Khunpaen Somboonsap" which means wealth & prosperity. And the extension name "Somboonsap" was stamped on the backside.

The Khunpaens of this batch can be used as substitution to the old version B.E. 2135 stuffs with same efficacies and properties for wealth & fortune, Metta, KlaewKlaad, KongkraphanChatri, etc.

LP Chuen (B.E. 2450-2546) is one of the greatest monk masters of Ayuthaya of present period. He was a close student of a top famous LP Yod Wat NongPlamoh, Saraburi, and also ordained by LP Yod.

The next great teacher of LP Chuen is LP Sen TechaDhammo, a very able and high-dhamma practice monk master from SoongNoen District, Korat.

LP Chuen finished Ratanachakra Visha, he saw three bright Buddhas and a Chakra rotating in the middle. Since then, his eyes can see everything at wish, his mind will know everything he would like to, and his ear can hear any voice or sound that he wishes.

One day in B.E. 2505, he was reported that LP Sen left the temple and likely passing. LP Chuen rushed to Korat to seek and search his teacher's whereabouts.

At last, LP Chuen found LP Sen passing by sitting in meditation posture in a rock hollow of a small hill. And LP Chuen performed cremation ceremony for his teacher.

LP Doo Wat Sakae, LP Koon Wat Banrai, and LP Waen Wat DoiMaepang admired LP Chuen for his ultra Dhamma practice and recommended people visit LP Chuen and pay respect to him.

LP Chuen passed away in B.E. 2546 at the age of 96.

Metta = to be loved and liked by others
KlaewKlaad = life safty, free from all harms
KongkraphanChatri = invincibility
Visha = knowledge

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