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  Primitive clay mold caused crators and natural classic look when a long time passing by  
Dimensions :   1.9  X  2.5  cm
Material(s) :   LP Tiang's blessed bronze +
LP Ngern's leftover holy bronze + Buddhists' donated bronze
Professional Item:
LP Tiang's
HTF LP Ngern Mini Statue
w / Classic Surface Look
 Wat KaoRoopChang, B.E. 2500
This is a HTF, very nice LP Ngern bronze mini statue, created and blessed by LP Tiang of Wat KaoRoopChang, Pijit, in B.E. 2500. The statue's surface has natural, classic old look - prefered by professional collectors.

The content of the statue is of greenish-yellow bronze - called by professionals as "Krasae OmKeow".  Krasae = content color, OmKeow = greenish yellow trend.

The mini statue was cast at the temple by the old-time folk technique -using clay  molds without sophisticated casting tools and equipment. It's full of aesthetic appearance of primitive look and with ultra-high efficacies as of multi-million THB LP Ngern mini statues of old version.

The old-time LP Ngern's leftover holy bronze was also mixedly melted into its content together with donated bronze from local faithful Buddhists--they are
primary bronze not recycled material.
Bronze betal-nut-chewing wares, fruit trays, folks and spoons and many other bronze kitchen wares etc were brought to the temple donating for casting process.


a) The mini statue is easy to verify its authenticity as defined by professionals in Thai amuletology's colloquial expression term as "Doo Ngai" (Doo = see, examine; Ngai  = easy) .

b) The mini statue's bronze content is of greenish yellow "Krasae OmKeow" - the same as pre-war and war-time bronze content pattern - much prefered by professionals.

LP Tiang ( B.E. 2444-2520 ) was a close disciple of LP Phit Wat Kamang ( B.E. 2418-2488 ), and LP Phit was a close disciple of LP Ngern Wat BangKlaan. So this means that LP Tiang is a 3rd generation disciple of LP Ngern's lineage. 

LP Phit finished ultra high Dhamma of TaeChoKasin or fire-based ultra meditation. When LP Phit's body was cremated, his two eyes were unburned and intact. LP Tiang also finished ultra Dhamma, the same level as his teacher's.

LP Tiang created and blessed a small number of LP Ngern mini statues in B.E. 2500, LP Ngern's old-time bronze materials and incomplete/damaged old version of LP Ngern mini statues were also meltedly mixed with.  

By their good materials and by the superb consecration performed by LP Tiang, the LP Ngern mini statue is so efficacious as a 10- million THB LP Ngern old-time mini statue made and blessed by LP Ngern himself.     

The above LP Tiang's LP Ngern mini statue is so much cheaper in price and can be completely worn as a substitution with equally same efficacies and properties to a multi-million THB LP Ngern's old-version stuff.

LP Ngern, Wat Bangklaan, is an old-time top great Guru monk living contemporarily with Somdej Phra Phutdhacharn (Toh) of Wat Rakang. He is highly revered by people due to his ultra Dhamma practice and his amulets' miraculous phenomena--even his printed picture caused gun misfire in a close distant trigger !!    

LP Tiang passed away in B.E. 2520 at the age of 76.  

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