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Close-up pic: LP Tae holding Gumanthong over his lap
Dimensions:  1.2 X 2.1 cm
Material:   Holy alloy of Navaloha
Item Ref:   pt50620
Great Two In One:
HTF LP Tae RoopMuan
Holding GumanThong
Wat SamNgam, B.E. 2520
This is a HTF LP Tae RoopMuan holding GumanThong (GMT), Navaloha, B.E.2519 created and blessed by LP Tae, Wat SamNgam, NakonPathom Province as a gift for donors who donated for the Mondop construction.

RoopMuan  = LP's metal casting mini-statue   

Navaloha  = alloy of holy metal of 9 kinds - including gold

Mondop  = a small-sized building for placing a Buddha image or revered monk master statue. 

The content of LP Tae RoopMuan is classic dark brown-black due to a large quantity of gold mixed. Such the content is favored by professional collectors.

The above seen mini statue - LP Tae is holding GMT by his two hands over his lap. It's the special two-in-one amulet - we'll get LP Tae mini statue at the first place, and second we'll have his efficacious Gumanthong at the same time. It means that the LP Tae holding GMT coverig all aspects for efficacies and properties - Metta, KlaewKlaad, fortune, prosperity, etc. 

LP Tae was so famous for his GumanThong creation. He created GumanThong with various kinds of holy powder and blessed them alive before distribution. This is why his GumanThongs are so efficacious - great for begging for fortune, success, prosperity, sweepstakes winning, etc.   

Many owners recounted miracle experiences on their LP Tae GumanThongs - such as giving clearly and precisely 3-digit lottery prize, supporting a flourish business, helping a career success, helping a higher-position promotion, helping a better living, etc.

And now, LP Tae -the Gumanthong creator- is holding GumanThong by himself ! And what would be going on for its efficacies and properties- you may answer by yourself very well now !         

LP Tae is one of a few great masters who could create GMT so efficaciously. LP Tae was a close disciple of LP Dha of Wat PaniangTaek - he was ordained by LP Dha in B.E. 2455. LP Dha was a greatest master of the country in pre-war period. LP Tae learned Dhamma and incantation with LP Dha for 8 years.

" If I die, go to learn with LP Chaem, Wat Takong because he and me are the same lineage for incantation knowledge",  LP Dha said to LP Tae.   

LP Dha passed away in B.E.2463. In around B.E. 2465, LP Tae went to learn higher Dhamma and incantation including GMT creation with LP Chaem of Wat Takong who was also a greatest master of the country.

LP Tae had learned with LP Chaem for many years before leaving for deep jungles to practice his ultra Dhamma. He returned to Wat SamNgam in B.E.2475 and was appointed by Sangha Administration to be the Abbot of Wat SamNgam in that year.     

In B.E.2476 LP Tae created GMT for the first time. And because LP Tae created GMTs for a very long years, so his GMTs have various types - such as holy powder GMTs of altar size, wearing wood-carved GMTs, wearing ivory-tusk GMTs, wearing baked clay GMTs, wearing holy-powder GMTs, etc.

GMT creation needs specifical incantation knowledge and ultra-high Smadhi (Jhana) to give birth and life to them.

Most people don't know that LP Tae learned GumanThong creation reaching the furthest point until those knowledge current imbedded into his flesh and bone -and this make him yielded to rainy water. So, he took a bath once a year, but his body was still had mild pleasure smell all the time.  

LP Tae passed away in B.E. 2524 at the age of 90.

HTF   =  hard to find
Metta    =  to be like and loved by others
KlaewKlaad    =  life safty, free from all harms
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