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  Front surface and cracks look like an old-version SWR due to the same formula of mixture and rich fragments of SWRs  
Dimensions:  2.7 X 4.2 cm
  LP Nak's holy powder + old version SWR fragments
 Professional Class:
VHTF LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang
w/ Rich SWR Fragments
Wat RaKang, Mid 2480s  
ThIs is a VHTF Somdej SoomRakang, made and blessed in around mid 2480s by LP Nak, the late Abbot of Wat Rakang. Materials of the Somdej are the same formula as of old-version SWRs, and rich fragments of SWRs were also mixed. These two factors caused its surface and cracks looking like old-version SWRs. 

Click to view jumbo-sized pix:  Frontside  &  Backside 

Two big pieces of old-version SWR's fragments can also be seen at the Somdej's edges --please see the above enlarged pix.

Average size of Somdej amulets we are acquainted with is 2.5 X 3.5 cm, but the above the Somdej SoomRakang is a little bigger of 2.7 X 4.2 cm.  

In the early period of LP Nak's Somdej creation, big-sized items were often made because a large quantity of SWR's fragments was easily available at that time. 

The LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang is of VHTF item and very favored by professionals who have profound knowledge and acute "eagle eyes" on seeking & sourcing good great amulets.

You may not know that this is an amulet hidden in the shirt pocket of some traders & dealers who sell multi-million THB, old-version SWRs or SBKPs (Somdej BangKhunphroms) !!

The reason is that
they know the absolute fact that a tiny SWR fragment or even a molecular particle has same efficacies & properties as of a full, complete, old-version SWR item without any difference !!

These traders & dealers are very smart because they pay a little sum of money for an amulet of multi-million THB equality value !! So why don't we ?!

, the LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang can be used as a substitution to a very expensive, old-version SWR with same properties and efficacies.

So why pay a very big amount, hard-earned 5-50 millions THB for an old-version SWR while a very...very...much cheaper LP Nak Somdej with old-verion SWR fragments is a best smart option !!

The Somdej has around 70 years age old right now. Thanks to previous owners who really did well on preservating the item--it's in complete condition ! 


a) It's DooNgai or easy to verify its authenticity. The Somdej surface is naturally dry & old looking by its high age natural.

The trace of sticky mixture can also be seen at the Buddha image arm's side. The sticky-mixture trace is called in Thai amuletological term as "Roi Ner", it occured while pulling the amulet out of the mold. Such the sticky trace can also be found on some high-classed, holy powder amulets such as old-version SWRs, old-version SBKPs, LP Phrakru Mool's Somdejs, Wat Plaab's amulets, etc.  

b) The Somdej is of big size with materials of SWR formula and richness of old-version SWR fragments which causes the Somdej having "NuaJaad" look and
looking like an old-version SWR.

NuaJaad--a slightly greasy, shinning look as appearing on the surface of multi-million THB, old-version SWRs or SBKPs.

c) The Somdej is a professional-class amulet. It's of complete-conditioned, VHTF item.

The LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang's properties are broadly covering as of the old-version SWR, such as life protection, Metta, life & career progress, wealth & fortune, family harmony, etc.            

LP Nak was one of the greatest Gurus of the country since World War II, contemporarily with many great LPs viz LP Jaad-Wat Bangkrabao, LP Chong - Wat Natang Nok, LP Kong- Wat Bangkraphom, LP (Y)ie- Wat Sattaheep, LP Lua-Wat Sao ChaNgok, etc.      

LP Nak was invited to bless the two important amulets, one is Indochine Buddha Chinnaraj mini statue in B.E.2485 and the other the Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawas in B.E.2500. 

LP Nak attained highest Dhamma; as widely said in among advanced Dhamma-practice monks that when he was blessing amulets, his meditative power was emitting very large bright, cold beam covering all amulets before him--implying great properties for his amulets on Metta and Klaew Klaad.

LP Nak passed away in B.E.2514 at the age of 87. 

VHTF    =   very hard to find
SoomRakang   =  bell-line housing
SBKP    =  Somdej BangKunphrom 
NuaJaad     =   a Thai amuletological term / see the above text for its meaning
DooNgai     =   a Thai amuletological term means easy to verify
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