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By Lek Watruak
  The black lacquer is completely dry confirming its oldnees  
Dimensions:  1.0 X 1.5  cm
Lead, coated with black lacquer  
Item Ref: pdm68430
"Little Big" Pidta
 Phim Chalood, Wat NongPho,
Late 2470s- Early 2480s
This is a HTF, beautiful LP Doem "Little Big" Pitda, Phim Chalood of late 2470s-early 2480s.The Pidta has double sides. The surface of each side coated with black lacquer.

Phim Chalood  =  the tall mold

Most part of the black lacquer was loosened off due to a long time passing by, but the lacquer remnants can still be seen on the lower parts of the surface.

The Pidta is SMALL in size but BIG in its efficacies for Metta, KlaewKlaad and KongkraphanChatri. It's called by professionals as "Pidta Lek Dee Ros Toh" or a "Little Big Pidta".

Actually, the Pidta is the transformed form of Kawampati - a close disciple of
Lord Buddha and an Arahant of Buddha time.

Kawampati is a greatest Arahant of Metta, wealth and fortune as same as

Kawampati also greatly help protect life for safty - always free from all harms.

It means that this LP Doem Pidta has broad efficacies and properties covering
all good aspects for our life.

About 20 years ago at PhuKaothong (Wat Saket, BKK) festival fair, an old vender was stabbed many times by a drunken man, but the knife could not cut through his body.

The thrilling highlight of the event is that the drunken man sitting on the vender's abdomen, holding the knife tightly and insanely plunged the knife onto the vender's body many...many times.

Then someone at the scene shouted, "Police! man stabbed...!!"

The drunken man was shocked by the shout. He threw the knife and ran away.

A group of well-wished people rushed to the vender and held him up aiming to bring him to a hospital, but they were amazed that no wounds and no blood but just little scratches on the vender body !!

The helping people found that on the neck of the old vender hanged a LP Doem Pidta as same as the one seen above.      

Luang Phor Doem is a greatest builder of temples. He helped build more than 30 temples in Nakornsawan and nearby provinces, such as Phichit, Pitsanulok and Chainat.

His benevolence was so great, he cared about the water in temple's pond which was the main blood vessel for all monks in the temple. He was very happy if the pond was full of water. When the pond was shallow in the dry season, he was worried and going to the Bosth to meditate and beg for rain.

On the day he passed away, his monk disciples had told him that the water level was very low, it's nearly run out. If there was no rain in a few days, the pond would dry up. Luang Phor Doem nodded his head while he was lying ill on the floor.

" My sons I'm going to leave this world, I wish you all be good monks and be happy forever, so don't worry about the water in the pond", said he. A few minutes later, he passed away.

Suddenly, the lightning flashed in the sky and a clap of thunder striked, a very heavy rain poured!! Only one hour later the pond was full of water again ! This is the great miraculous passing event of LP Doem.  

LP Doem had lived a long life. He passed away in B.E. 2494 at the age of 92 after 70 years of his ordination for monkhood.

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Metta  =  to be kindly liked and loved by people around
KongkraphanChatri  = invincibility 
Klaew Klaad   =  free from all harms, life safty  
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