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Yant NaPadtalod back

LP Chaeng Wat Bangpang (B.E. 2428-2500)

Dimensions: 1.1 X 3.3 cm
Material: bronze
Item Ref: siv74105
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VHTF LP Chaeng Sivali
Lang Yant NaPadTalod
Wat BangPang
Nonthaburi, B.E.2485

This is a VHTF LP Chaeng Sivali, Lang Yant NaPadtalod, Wat Bangpang, Nonthaburi, B.E. 2485. The bronze content is greenish yellow as of Chinnaraj Indochine B.E. 2485 - this is the wartime bronze content pattern.

Lang Yant NaPadtalod = Yant NaPadtalod back

The Sivali is for wealth and fortune fetching. Due to the Yant NaPadtalod on its backside, the Sivali is also great for Metta and life safty.

The Sivali was cast in B.E. 2485 at the temple in the same session of Kring NaPadtalod creation.

They were cast with primitive folk method using simple tools - no modern tools were applied for this.

ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh) Wat Suthat came to Wat Bangpang to help LP Chaeng for the casting ceremony.

1) LP Chaeng's personal Takruts he had received from his teachers - LP Sook Wat Makhamthao, LP Kai Wat ChoengLen and LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho

2) LP Chaeng joined Chinnaraj Indochine B.E. 2485 consecration ceremony at Wat Suthat. Over a hundred famous and able monk masters who joined the consecration also inscribed holy script on silver and gold plates for LP Chaeng - please click here to see the list.

LP Chaeng was a greatest monk master of the country of WWII period. He stood at the same level to those forever greatest - LP Jaad Wat Bangkrabao, LP Chong Wat Natangnok, LP Kong Wat Bangkapom, LP Yee Wat Sattaheep.

LP Chaeng learned Dhamma and incantations with many famous monk masters, such as LP Sook Wat Makhamthao, LP Kai Wat Choenglen, LP Parn Wat Banghia, LP Chai Wat Pananchoeng, LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho, LP Chong Wat Natangnok.

LP Chaeng highly revered LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho, he learned with LP Parn for the longest time. LP Chaeng followed LP Parn's amuletic art - the Buddha riding holy carriers - but creating his own style.

LP Chaeng was a very able monk master, he was invited to join many important consecration ceremonies viz Wat Ratchabopit B.E. 2481, Chinnaraj Indochine Wat Suthat B.E. 2485, ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh) Kring Wat Suthat 2490s, Wat Mongkolbopit B.E. 2495, B.E. 2500 consecration ceremony for amulets of the Monk Hospital.

In WWII, there are several monk masters made and blessed "SuaYant" ( Yant Jackets) for soldiers' protection, such as LP Jaad Wat Bangkrabao, LP Yee Wat Sattaheep, LP Chong Wat Nangtangnok, including LP Chaeng Wat Bangpang.

LP Chaeng was highly revered by Former Prime Minister, Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram. The PM often received protection amulets from LP Chaeng for free distribution to soldiers.

LP Chaeng was also highly revered by the former Supreme Patriarch (Juan) of Wat Makutkasat. When LP Chaeng passed away, the Supreme Patriarch patroned funeral ceremony for LP Chaeng and also ordered moving LP Chaeng's body to be cremated at Wat Makutkasat in B.E. 2501.

LP Chaeng passed away in B.E. 2500 at the of 72. He ordained for his monkhood for 52 years.

Sivali is a main major symbol of wealth, fortune and abundance. Sivali lived in Buddha time and attained Arahantship. He was an important disciple of Lord Buddha and praised by the Lord as the top of all monks for fortune drawing.

In every place where Sivali passed by and reached, all livings--humans and Devas--would gather to present him food and all other needed things for monkhood living. Many times that Lord Buddha made long-distant journeys to barren areas with a big group of disciple monks, Lord Buddha would request Sivali to lead the monks' lines to draw food to come.
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