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  Please notice that the Buddha image is a very light pale green color which is a popular, classic characteristic called in Thai amuletology as "Nua Kieaw"  

Dimensions: 1.9 X 3.1 cm
LP Hin's holy powder + ground fragments of old-version SWR
HTF LP Hin 1st Batch Somdej
Phim ChediLek
Wat Rakang, B.E. 2482
This is a hard to find (HTF) LP Hin Somdej Phim ChediLek, Wat Rakang, B.E.2482. The Somdej is one of LP Hin's earliest amulets (first batch), and would be occasionally found once in a long-time period. 

This Somdej is prefered by professional collectors due to its good great physical appearances: a) Nua Jaad and b) Nua Kieaw. It means that the Somdej has two popular, classic characteristics.

Nua Jaad =  an abstract feelings of holy powder or baked clay amulets that have physical surface of classic, strong, and shinning look as found on the surface of some multi-million Baht amulets such as Somdej Wat Rakang, Somdej Bang- KhunPhrom, Soomkor, and Leela Med Khanoon, etc.

Nua Kieaw  =  thin pale green content--using 10x magnified lens to view the Somdej, its content is a very light pale green color.  A light pale green content of Somdej is accepted as a classic characteristic prefered by professional collectors 

The Somdej was mixed with LP Hin himself's holy powder and also a large quantity of ground fragments of old-version Somdej Wat Rakang (SWR).

It's known in among professional collectors that LP Hin's Somdejs and LP Nak's Somdejs have same, equal properties & efficacies. And Somdej amulets of the two great LPs can equally be used as substitution to the multi-million Baht old-version SWRs with an economy price.

LP Hin was a jungle and pilgrim monk, he made on-foot pilgrimage to Burma and Laos through jungle tracks. LP Hin lived at Wat ThangLuang, Ayuthaya for 11 years. LP Hin practiced ultra Dhamma and was very able in Buddhist incantation, he highly respected Somdej Toh. LP Hin permanently lived at Wat Rakang since B.E.2478 by the invitation of LP Nak, the then Abbot of Wat Rakang.     

LP Hin was a senior Guru monk of Wat Rakang. Even LP Hin was around 10 years junior to LP Nak--the Abbot, but he was highly accepted and respected by LP Nak for incantation knowledge. After B.E.2500, LP Nak often busy for invitation to join blessing ceremonies, many times that the LP Nak's holy powder for making Somdej amulets were prepared by LP Hin.

When LP Hin was still alive, a throng of people often gather in front of his Guti waiting for Somdej amulets presented by LP Hin himself.

LP Hin was invited to join so many famous, important consecration ceremonies sush as Wat Prasart in B.E. 2506, 100 Pee Wat Rakang B.E.2515, Phra Kring 84 Years Siriraj B.E. 2517,   etc.      

LP Hin passed away in B.E.2521 at the age of 79.    

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