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  Thin layer fungus stains : even on the same spots their color intensity are not the same tone        

Dimensions:  1.8 X 2.8  cm
Material / Content: 
Baked Clay 
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HTF Wat LingKob KleebBua
Phim Luek, Very Early 2410s  
Blessed by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang
This is a hard to find (HTF) unused KleebBua Wat Lingkob Phim Luek (deep mold), blessed by Somdej Phra PhutdhaCharn (Toh) of Wat Rakang in very early 2410s.

Most of KleebBuas Wat Lingkob are of flower-pot color as seen above. Lots of Wat LingKob KleebBua have densed fungus stains on their surface, while many have little black dots scattered. The above seen item has fairly densed fungus stains

There are 2 types of fungus stains on KleebBua's surface, one is the thick layer and the other the thin layer. Thick layer fungus stains look black, but thin layer fungus stains look brown-black--even on the same spots the fungus stains' color intensity are not the same tone, please see the above pix.      


a) The KleebBua is of complete condition with balanced symetrical look.

b) It's of Phim Luek (deep mold) or high relief-- the Buddha image's volumes and filigrees are strongly projected from the background. Phim Luek is more harder to find than Phim Tuen (shallow mold).

c) It's DooNgai (easy to identify) due to fairly densed fungus stains which have specifical characteristic.

As we know, the price of a Somdej Wat Rakang is so expensive in a multi-million Baht value. But KleebBuas of Wat Lingkob with their much cheaper price can absolutely be used as a substitution because they were also blessed by the same Somdej PhraPhutdhaCharn (Toh) of Wat Rakang.

KleebBuas of this batch were found in a Chedi hollow of Wat LingKob, Bangkok, in March, B.E.2509. They were created by Phra SumeDhacharn (Sri), the then abbot, while he had the monkhood position as PhraKruRatchaPrit. After the KleebBuas were blessed by Somdej PhraPhutdhaCharn (Toh), they all were contained in the Chedi built by ChangWang Toh, the then high ranking official.

The Chedi is located at the bank of Chao Phraya River. As time passed by and by the water gradual erosion, the Chedi's base later became a big hollow. One day in B.E.2509, a large number of the amulets slipped out into the river bank and a lot of people snapped them up.

An old-version Somdej Wat Rakang blessed by Somdej PhraPhutdhaCharn (Toh) presently costs between Baht 5,000,000-40,000,000. But KleebBuas of Wat Lingkob which were also blessed by the same Somdej PhraPhutdhaCharn (Toh) cost so much cheaper !

If we really have profoundedly deep background on some kinds of amulets, we will pay only a little sum of money for a real BIG value item !
KleebBua  =  lotus-shaped petal 
Phim Luek  = deep mold, high-relief mold
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