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Sandy pimples are clearly seen on the front surface

Fungus spots' edges are parsley-leaf alike and their color is uneven

Fungus spots' edges are parsley-leaf alike and their color is uneven

Somdej Phra Phutdhacharn (Toh Phromrangsi) [ B.E.2331-2415 ], the former abbot of Wat Rakang who blessed KleebBuas of Wat Lingkob

Dimensions:  1.8 X  2.9 cm
Material: Baked Clay 
Item Ref: LK15892

HTF KleebBua Wat LingKob
Early 2410s
Blessed by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang

This is a HTF, unused KleebBua Wat Lingkob blessed by Somdej Phra Phutdhacharn (Toh Phromrangsi) [B.E.2331-2415] of Wat Rakang in early 2410s.

The KleebBua is very easy to verify its authenticity by fungus spots on the frontside.

Somdej Phra Phutdhacharn (Toh Phromrangsi) is popularly called in short by general people as "Somdej Toh" (顺德多). It's Somdej Toh who blessed the very famous, multi-million THB Somdej Wat Rakang and Somdej BangKhunphrom.

You got to pay up to 10-50 million THB to own a Somdej Wat Rakang or Somdej BangKhunphrom.

But you pay only so much less - just a little sum of money - for a Somdej Toh-blessed KleebBua of Wat Lingkob.

So why pay multi-million THB for a Somdej Wat Rakang or BangKhunphrom while a KleebBua Wat Lingkob is a smartest choice, and the amulet can absolutely be used as a substitution to those extremely expensive Somdejs.

The above seen KleebBua Wat Lingkob is a professional favorite item due to its important characteristics clearly featuring its authenticity:-

a) Strong baked clay content with sandy pimples as seen on the frontside

b) Black fungus spots are clearly seen on the frontside surface.

Wat Lingkob KleebBuas were contained in a damp hollow of a Chedi for around a hundred years. Lots of the KleebBuas have fungus spots on their surface including the above seen one.

From the enlarged pics you will see the edges of fungus spots are zigzag looking like parsley-leaf edges, and fungus color (brown-black) is uneven. Please see the above pics.

The KleebBua Wat Lingkob has broad efficacies and properties as same as Somdej Wat Rakang and BangKhunphrom covering all aspects - wealth & fortune, prosperity, Metta Mahaniyom, KlaewKlaad, family harmony, etc.

Somdej Toh - the KleebBua blesser- was the Abbot of Wat Rakang from B.E. 2395 until his passing in B.E.2415. He was in the position for 20 years.

KleebBuas of this batch were found in a Chedi hollow of Wat LingKob, Bangkok, in March, B.E.2509. They were created by Phra SumeDhacharn (Sri), the then Abbot, while he had the monkhood rank as PhraKruRatchaPrit. After the KleebBuas had been blessed by Somdej Toh, they all were contained in the Chedi built by ChangWang Toh --the then high ranking official.

The Chedi is located at the bank of Chao Phraya River. As time passed by and by the water gradual erosion, the Chedi's base later became a big hollow. One day in B.E.2509, a large number of the amulets slipped out into the river bank and a lot of people snapped them up.

An old-version Somdej Wat Rakang or BangKhunphrom blessed by Somdej Toh presently costs between 10,000,000-50,000,000 THB. But a KleebBua Wat Lingkob which was also blessed by Somdej Toh costs so much cheaper !

If we really have profound background on some kinds of amulets, we will pay only a little sum of money for a real BIG-VALUE item -- such as the above mentioned KleebBua Wat Lingkob.

HTF = hard to find
Wat Lingkob = 瓦铃科
KleebBua = lotus-petal-shaped amulet (莲花叶佛)
Chedi = cone-shaped pagoda (泰国佛塔)
Metta Mahaniyom = to be liked and loved by others
KlaewKlaad = free from all harms, life safty

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