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  LP Kuay, one of the most famous and greatest Guru monks of post B.E.2500 period  
LP Kuay's hand-writing Katha for activating his GumanThong
Dimensions:  1.0 X 3.4  cm
Materials:  Lead -based alloy with copper electroplating + black coating
HTF LP Kuay GumanThong
With Copper & Black Coating
Wat Kositaram, Late 2510s
This is a HTF LP Kuay GumanThong mini statue for neck wearing. The efficacious GumanThongs of this batch were created and blessed by LP Kuay in late 2510s. A few years later, the gold-coated type was made and blessed in B.E.2521.     

The content the GumanThong is lead-based alloy and electroplated with copper and then coated with black mixture at the end.  

The GumanThong was blessed with Buddhistic methods by LP Kuay, so it's safe and full of positive power for Metta and drawing in wealth & fortune.

GumanThong is a lovely naked child holding a money bag in his hands--which is a symbol of wealth & fortune. GumanThong's
good, positive & efficacious spirit was well blessed and invited by LP Kuay to live in the statue to help support the owner for great wealth and fortune.    

GumanThong creation needs specific incantation knowledge and ultra high  meditation or Smadhi to give birth and life to them. The old-time top Guru monks who could create and bless efficacious GumanThongs are such as LP Dha Wat Paniang Taek, LP Chaem Wat Takong, LP Tae Wat SamNgam, etc.

LP Kuay was one of the most able & greatest monk masters of post B.E. 2500 period who could make equally same efficacious GumanThongs as the above mentioned old-time LPs.

One reason that LP Kuay created GumanThongs is that he wanted to devote his "Boon" (merit) to Gumans (babies) who naturally died in their mother's wombs.

In the old-day time public health was not so good as it is nowsday, LP Kuay had helped many pregnant women safe from their babies died in the womb. 

LP Kuay would chant efficacious Kathas to call a dead baby coming out from the sick mother's womb, then a cup of holy water would be given to the women to drink. A few days after the women went back home, her dead baby would naturally come out as if it's a normal delivery.

LP Kuay's Visha for calling a dead baby to come out from mother's womb called "Sadoh Guman". The word Sadoh = to release, to free ; Guman = a baby or child. 

LP Kuay learned "Sadoh Guman" Visha from Acharn Foong and Acharn Champee who were disciples of LP Parn of Wat BangNomkho, Ayuthaya.     

LP Kuay was a close disciple of LP Sri, Wat PhraPrang, Singhburi Province, and later learned with LP Doem of Wat NongPho, Nakornsawan Province.

LP Kuay's forefinger is so powerful, a glass will be broken just as he is pointing to !!

After an amulet blessing ceremony at Wat Thathong, Suphanburi province, LP Toh, Wat Pradoo Chimplee had pointed to LP Kuay and asked Mr. Thanong Laokordee, " Who is that Guru monk ?" 

" He is LP Kuay, from Chainart," replied Mr. Thanong.

" His meditative ray is so bright and powerful," said LP Toh.   

LP Kuay ate only one meal a day. In the later part of his life he ate so little, but his face and body was still so bright. When he was ill in the early of B.E. 2522, he used a blue-ink pen drawing a circle around a date on the calendar--and a month later it's exactly the date that he passed away !!            

LP Kuay passed away on April 12, B.E.2522 at the age of 74--after ordination for his monkhood for 53 years.   

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