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ChaoKhun Nor

HTF ChaoKhun Nor
Efficacious NangKwak
Wat Dhepsirin, B.E. 2495

Dimensions:  1.5 X 2.0 cm
Materials:  Baked clay

This is a HTF, baked clay, nice-faced ChaoKhun Nor (CKN) Nangkwak--intentionally & specially blessed by CKN himself in the Ubosoth of Wat Dhepsirin in B.E.2495.

The Nangkwak was created concurrently with many other amulets in that year in memory of Somdej Phra PhutDhaKosaJahn (Charoen) - CKN's ordainer.

The CKN nice-faced Nangkwak is prefered by professional collectors because it's easy to verify authenticity as a professional colloquial word "Doo Ngai". 

By a long years of efficacious experiences since B.E.2495, Nangkwak of this batch are strong magnet alike that pull wealth and fortune to come.

Chinese New year is coming, the Nangkwak is a best gift for your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. The efficacious item will be on her neck for a long time - this is certainly a good memory of the one that you love.

Nangkwak is a major goddess of Wealth & Fortune and very popular among shop or firm owners for flourish business.

The word Nang means a lady god, and Kwak means calling or drawing into by her hand's posture, Many Teochew Chinese in Thailand call Nangkwak as ChaiNia (Cai Niang/ Mandarin), please see footnote for Chinese characters.

A Nangkwak of statue size is popularly invited to put on a special altar in a shop. But lady merchants or proprietresses popularly wear Nangkwak on her neck for bustling business.

CKN -the blesser of the Nangkwak- ordained his monkhood in B.E.2468 and was an important disciple of Somdej Phra PhutDhaKosaJahn (Charoen).

CKN was a life-long vegetarian with only one meal a day. He practiced advanced Dhamma and never stepped out of the temple even the war time until he passed away in early B.E.2514.

During WWII Bangkok was severely bombed by the Allies. HuaLamPhong rail-way station, just a few Kms from Wat Dhepsirin temple, was a main target of bombing by the Allied led by the US. Almost all monks in the temple fled away. But CKN still stayed there. Many bombs missed the target while some plunged into the temple, but the bombs never exploded !!

CKN - ChaoKhun Nor had special great knowledge of pre-cognition. Shortly before he passed away, he had well managed his last tasks and told his leaving to a monk who stayed next to his room. He passed away in early B.E.2514.

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HTF = hard to find
Ubosoth = a temple's main hall for Sangkha (monks) to perform important activities such as daily chanting, ordination ceremonies, incantation ceremonies, etc.
Doo Ngai = a Thai amuletological term / easy to verify
Cai Niang = 财娘

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