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Yant Ha inscribed on the bottom base - the same Yant using by LP Tim, Wat LaharnRai

LP Sakorn (B.E.2481-2556)

Dimensions: W 2.0 X H 3.0 X thick 1.0 cm
Material: White buffalo horn (carved)
Item Ref: sk48268

HTF Billionaire Grandfather "ChuChok"
of White Buffalo Horn Carving
by LP Sakorn, Wat Nongkrub
Rayong Province, B.E. 2548

Chuchok is a character in "Vessantara Jataka" which is a religious tale of Buddhism.

The tale is about the great "giver" Prince Vessantara and the great "taker" beggar Chuchok (Jujaka).

Chuchok begged two most important things - the beloved son and daughter of Prince Vessantara.

Chuchok dared to beg and the great "giver" Prince Vessantara dared to give his beloved son and daughter to Chuchok to perform his meritorious acts.

Chuchok is an old, ugly and humpbacked Brahmin, but has a beautiful young wife. He begged and begged that no one denied him until became a billionaire.

By Saiyavej (Brahman incantation), Chuchok is highly revered as a super grandfather of begging, wealth & fortune, gambling, lottery, and success request for everything. Many awarded salesmen have put a Chuchok in their shirt pocket. They speak fluently and sell cars, insurance, and investment products flowingly.

Chuchok is also a popular tattoo for one who wants opposite-sex attractiveness, wealth & fortune, life success, and Metta.

Many famous LPs also created and blessed Chuchok mini statue by Saiyavej methods, such as LP Rod Wat BangNamwon, LP Tim Wat LaharnRai, LP Sakorn Wat NongKrub etc.

The above seen is LP Sakorn's Chuchok - crafted by white buffalo horn.

At the Chuchok statuette's base edge there is a Takrut inserted and a small chopped silver code beside. And the bottom base was inscribed with Yant Ha - the same Yant using by LP Tim.

This is a best and great gift for yourself in the New Year season. New Year - New Hope and New Success & Prosperities.

LP Sakorn was a closest disciple of LP Tim, he learned so much incantations from his teacher. LP Sakorn lived with and served LP Tim since he was 15.

He was ordained a monk in B.E. 2501, and learned incantations with LP Tim since then. It's in B.E. 2526, nine year after LP Tim passed away, LP Sakorn learned with LP Koon of Wat Banrai on extra incantations for some special amulet creation.

LP Sakorn was the most important successor of LP Tim for incantation knowledge. When LP Tim was still alive he publicly told that after his passing away LP Sakorn would sit his place because LP Sakorn had learned so much incantation knowledge from him.

LP Sakorn was the great former Abbot of Wat Nongkrub, Rayong Province. He passed away in B.E. 2556 at the age of 75 after ordaining for his monkhood for 55 years - his holy body is undecomposed.

LP Sakorn was highly respected as one of the greatest monk masters of the eastern region for present period.

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